Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Samsung Ultrathin Q-series @

Samsung launches the hunt for the MacBook with its QX series [IFA 2010]. | Thinkcrack

Samsung has done it again. After revolutionizing the blogs of half
the world during the last week with the launch of its Galaxy Tab, is
directing his fire at Apple. Do not believe me? Then wait and see what
we have prepared the Koreans with new QX series models that have been
announced at the IFA 2010.

Do not you design something that sounds? Indeed, the resemblance to
the MacBook is evident. In fact, I would say that there is nothing like
casual, like it is no coincidence that the presentation to society
Galaxy Tab produce while the announcement of the Apple keynote last
week. That yes, the aluminum finish of the case is really attractive.
And if you liked the design, characteristics of the QX series are not
far behind.

The three new models in the series QX (QX310, QX410 and QX510) all
come equipped with Intel Core i5, but is not clear at what speed.
Regarding memory, hard drives included S-ATA 250 GB and 640 GB,
depending on the model, and mounted a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, can reach
up to 8 GB in the case of QX510.

The screen is made of LED technology and will play video at 720p,
which is surprising not because of the other features of these laptops.
The key may be in the graphics system, designed so that to save
battery power, using the integrated Intel graphics chip on the
motherboard, while for most operations that require moving graphics
will use a nVidia GeForce 310M (or 410mm in the QX410 and QX510).

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