Friday, 10 September 2010

In the battle for Ultrathin Linux laptops, who is king?

Almost two years ago, we started compiling information for Ultrathin Linux laptops from the Launchpad website.

After all this time, different Launchpad teams got organized, shared useful information to get their laptop models to fully work under Linux and triggered the development for new drivers and userland tools in the Linux project.

But in the battle for Ultrathin Linux laptops, who is king?

The header in this blog page says Sony is dominating the chart with more than 280 registered Launchpad team members (20100910), but it's being followed very closely by ASUS and Acer. The almighty HP and Dell aren't summing up to large numbers, even when putting together the different teams that can be described under ultrathin models.

So what is making people decide for Sony, ASUS and Acer when going for a ultrathin Linux laptop purchase?

Sony seems to be filling the high-end market with lots of models around the $2000 mark. ASUS and Acer, on the other side, are the favourite for inexpensive ultrathin laptop models, and they are difficult to pick apart when reading the reviews and comments the Linux userbase is posting on forums and mailing lists.

The usual animosity against the big dogs, which in this case could be HP and Dell, could explain why they aren't doing better in this sector. Sony, with all the battering it's getting for its high prices, is still considered the best of the big dogs.

We will keep following the developments on this front. One sure thing is that the Ultrathin Linux laptops userbase keeps growing, even outside the academy base.

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