Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fedora 12 ASUS UL50Ag report

Reposting an installation report for Linux Fedora 12 on an ASUS UL50Ag laptop (with no nvidia card):
Re: [Asus-ul30] UL50VT
I have an UL50Ag running Fedora 12. The battery life is usually between 6-7 hours (powertop squeezes out maybe another hour), using wifi, highest brightness and all. The function keys are all working, except the brightness control. I managed to 'unflip' the camera in skype with the workaround suggested on this list. Microphone doesn't seem to be working, but I haven't rechecked in some time now.

I've already seen some improvement with recent kernels (power-management wasn't working initially), so I'm confident that the other stuff will also be resolved soon :)

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