Saturday, 12 June 2010

Acer Timeline/TimelineX Launchpad Linux team reaches 200 members

The Acer Timeline/TimelineX Launchpad Linux team has now reached the landmark of 200 registered team members. This team started about a year ago to cover the needs of Linux users for the Acer Timeline series of laptops, including the 3810T, 3810TG, 4810T, 4810TG, 5810T, 5810TG, 5820TG, Acer TravelMate 8371, 8471, etc, and recently also the TimelineX Linux users, including the 3820TG and 4820TG models.

Over the last year, the active and engaged community of Linux users in this team has brought up the level of compatibility with new modules, like the hybrid graphics cold switch module. This module has recently been reported to work for one of the latest models, the Acer Timeline 3820TG. We expect the numbers to keep increasing once the latest round of models reaches worldwide distribution. Only the Sony Vaio Z-series Launchpad Linux team has more registered users, and the Acer Timeline/TimelineX team is quickly catching up.

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