Sunday, 2 May 2010

suspend/resume fixes for nvidia_g210m_acpi in ASUS UL30 models

This was reported to the mailing list. Click to the link to see the full email:
[Asus-ul30] suspend/resume fixes for nvidia_g210m_acpi.c

I have an UL30VT-A1. I was happy to find nvidia-g210m-acpi, but I found that it was causing problems across suspend/resume cycles. I made some simple changes that seem to make it work better:

1) catch post suspend event so that module doesn't need to be unloaded/reloaded after suspend 2) unregister power notifier on unload, so that power events don't cause kernel panic after module is unloaded.

Hope someone else can benefit. :)

Modified code is attached. Maybe the deb can be updated accordingly?

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