Sunday, 2 May 2010

Kernel 2.6.34 fixes wireless and improves battery life in ASUS UL30A models

See here an extract of an email sent to the mailing list:
Re: [Asus-ul30] Asus UL30A - Ubuntu 10.04 - Function Keys
After upgrading to some more recent kernel (.33, .34rc6 atm) all the issues with non-working brightness controls / Fn keys were gone as well. You can get recent kernel from the Mainline ppa: As a sidenote, i think my battery lasts way longer with .34 - powertop shows power draw below 6W sometimes. I never had such figures with 9.10 / kernel .31.


  1. Thanks for the tip!

    Really did the job.

    Let me present myself. I'm Ignasi Garcia and I live in Granollers. Just thought that you are Catalan like me because of your name.


  2. @Tas: I am glad to hear it works for you and yes I am :)

  3. you know how can i switch betwen the gpu with the kernel 2.6.34? i have an asus ul80vt

  4. @nicolake:
    probably the best place would be the Asus U/UL Launchpad Series mailing list:

    Please join the team if you haven't done yet.