Thursday, 15 April 2010

Battery Life is in the eye of the beholder @

The advertised battery life for many laptops is usually not even close to what ends up being in reality. For example, Apple refreshed the MacBook Pro line and advertised 10 hours of battery life in the announcement. Now has reviewed the laptop and it turns 10 hours in Apple's labs mean 5:18 in the real world, which is a mere 53 extra minutes more than the Sony VAIO Z.

MacBook Pro Core i7 review -- Engadget
Battery Life*

MacBook Pro 15 - 2010 (2.66GHz Core i7, NVIDIA GT 330M) 5:18
Sony VAIO Z (2.53GHz Core i5, NVIDIA GT 330M) 4:25
HP Envy 15 (1.6GHz Core i7-720QM, ATI HD 4830) 2:00

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