Friday, 4 December 2009

How to install the Nvidia CUDA/OpenCL Linux drivers on a Sony Vaio Z-series laptop

One of our members has posted an email to the Sony Vaio Z-series mailing list detailing the procedure to install the Nvidia CUDA/OpenCL drivers and CUDA/OpenCL SDK:

The drivers are available from nvidia here:

This is an example of computing technologies like OpenCL for the average Linux laptop owner. Since the creation of the sony-vaio-z-series launchpad group, the ability to seamlessly switch on/off the discrete nvidia graphics card under Linux has been one of its important features. The hybrid graphics configuration of the Sony Vaio Z-series laptop allows Linux users to switch off the Nvidia discrete graphics card to maximize battery time, and switch it on to maximize graphics performance. Now, the power of the discrete nvidia graphics card can be used under Linux using Nvidia's drivers, not only for graphics performance but also as general purpose GPU computations.

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