Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dell Latitude On -- ARM embedded Linux

Between the Poles: Working while Windows Boots III: Linux Alternatives Splashtop, Latitude On, Hyperspace, Presto
Dell has taken this one step further with something called Latitude On . Latitude OnDelllogo62 is a fully dedicated subsystem with its own low voltage processor, WiFi and WAN, operating system, and essential applications like email (Exchange and POP), view attachments, and internet. It is believed that the processor is ARM and Dell says the OS is an embedded Linux (not Splashtop). Dell laptop computers with Latitude On run Linux within seconds of pushing the dedicated Latitude On button. If you just use the ARM/Linux subsystem, Dell says you can expect days of battery life, not just hours which is what you can expect if you boot Intel/Windows. Of course if you need to do some serious work or play games, you can always boot Windows which will run using an Intel dual core processor.

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