Monday, 9 May 2011

Optimus on Linux with Bumblebee -- using both your intel and nvidia with 3D acceleration

Optimus on Linux Problem Solved | Martin Juhl's Blog

One of our Linux hybrid-graphics team members has found a neat trick to enable both the integrated (Intel) and discrete (Nvidia) graphics cards in Linux using a VirtualGL. As it works in version 0.2, the Intel card is running the Desktop interface and the nvidia card can be used to offload specific applications with the command "optirun32 <application>" or "optirun64 <application>" depending if you use 32bit or 64bit code.

There is still no load balancer to automatically decide which applications should run on which card, and the nvidia card is constantly running, but bumblebee now enables the discrete graphics card for hybrid laptops running Linux, even for those models with no mux to switch the card in the BIOS menu.

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  1. Really, really, really great news! Keep going!