Monday, 23 November 2009

Asus UL30/UL80 is 100% fully-supported Linux compatible with touchpad script fix

Today the Asus UL30/UL80 and Linux mailing list has received great news:

There is now a patch to the asus-laptop acpi scripts to make the disable-touchpad key work. Here is the message and patch URL:

With this, the Asus UL30/UL80 is a 100% Linux compatible ultra-thin laptop, with no reported problems from the current user base. From personal to business use, these powerful ultra-thin Asus laptop series excels in battery performance and has been greatly rated in several different reviews:


  1. Hola Albert,

    Dispsoes de l'Asus UL30? Estic pensant en comprar-lo i volia saber-ne la teva opiniĆ³.

  2. Please post your Linux compatibility reviews for this product at