Sunday, 18 October 2009

Acer Timeline Linux group reaches 101 members milestone

The Acer Timeline Linux community reached another milestone: 101 Launchpad group members! This is the second group to reach the three-digit mark, after the Sony Vaio Z-series laptop, with currently over 150 registered Launchpad users.
As we've mentioned before in this blog, the Acer Timeline laptop series has caught the attention of many Linux users, who are recognizing the great price for the value of these ultra-thin laptops from Acer. This Acer Timeline laptop has a Linux website of its own, gratefully maintained by some very experienced Linux users:

Although the site is hosted on an Ubuntu documentation site and usually refers to different versions of the Ubuntu distribution, different users have reported succesful installation and usage under other Linux distributions, like Fedora, SuSE or Slackware.
The site also contains specific information for the different configurations in the laptop. One of them is the graphics card configuration: the "G" configuration has a ATI Mobility Radeon discrete graphics card, whereas the rest of the configurations run solely on integrated Intel GMA cards.
The hybrid graphics Intel/ATI configuration is a good power/performance compromise, and Linux support for turning on/off the discrete ATI card has been reported and confirmed by several users.

One of the Linux compatibility issues that remain to be resolved is the suspend/resume functionality. Many of the now 101 users have complained about the laptop going through a cold reboot instead of resuming after suspend. Given the success that this laptop has shown among the Linux community, a fix for this missing functionality would be a great achievement. If you are one of the current owners of the laptop, please take a bit of your time to try and provide a complete bug report about the suspend/resume issue via The current confirmed bug report is this one:
Bug reports are very efficiently reported upstream (kernel, Xorg, etc.), which makes it possible that they are resolved and passed on updated versions of the different open source codebases.

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