Saturday, 30 May 2009

Linux on Sony Vaio Z-series, Dell Latitude E4200 E4300, ThinkPad X301, Toshiba Portege R500 R600, Samsung X360, Acer Timeline 3810T

There are now 7 different Launchpad groups for Linux Ultrathin laptops.
Each team is a group for people who own or develop for a given laptop model, so that we can have more useful Linux usage information, and send better bug reports upstream. This gives more visibility to the group when having to ask for patches or support.

The current groups are:
Bragging rights ranking: (1) 2254 points, (2) 250 points, (3) 81 points, (4) 44 points, (5) 32 points, (6) 23 points, (7) 23 points, (8) 18 points, (9) 15 points, (10) 13 points.
Highest Bragging rights: 5996 points

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