Friday, 13 February 2009

Sony Vaio Z-series and Linux scores again! Keep signing!

Linux and "MacBook Air killers":

There may be very good news for the owners of Sony Vaio Z-series laptops under Linux soon. Keep signing to the launchpad team of you are one of them, as this gives us visibility when having to talk to Sony and nVidia. A snippet here:

        // Manage GFX cards?
        // Arg0: unused?
        // Arg1: 0x10 - target is chipset graphics card (OVGA)
        //       else - target is external graphics card (PEGP.DGPU)
        // Arg2: combined function name and arguments
        //       [0]  - function name, ASCII representation of ACPI method name
        //         everything else is function dependent
            Method (WMMX, 3, NotSerialized)
                CreateDWordField (Arg2, Zero, FUNC) // FUNC: Function name, DWORD copied from byte 0 of Arg2
                If (LEqual (FUNC, 0x444F445F))
                    If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x10))
                        Return (^^OVGA._DOD ())
                        Return (^^PEGP.DGPU._DOD ())

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